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About Us and our mission

Welcome to the official Journal Around the World website.  The Journal Around the World idea was originally thought of years ago.  Eventually, our family decided to bite the bullet and start the project by creating a couple prototype journals and sending them out in two different places practically on two different sides of the world.  We are still in the beginning phase of our project, so expect many updates and changes. The overall goal of this project is to spread the stories of as many people as we can, and to help those with need along the way.


How can I get involved?

As of right now the best way to get involved is to spread the word of our project.  In the near future donation and other more direct options of supporting will be available.  We would also love to answer any of your questions and appreciate any feedback.  

Where are the journals now?

As of January, we currently have 2 journals out.  One of our journals is located in northern Spain, and the other in our home state of Colorado.  More Journals are to be launched soon.

How can I read the Journal entries?

As Journals are passed along, we receive entries from the users.  If chosen, the user can take a picture and submit their entry on our website for us to publish.  You can view these entries here:


Have any questions? Have a suggestion or thought? We would love to answer any and all questions you have.  Any feedback regarding our project would be greatly appreciated.

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